๐Ÿ”ƒ Reblog: Life with Mental Illness: Why Do We Accept Being Loved in Halves?

More good inspiration via Hannah.


One of my favorite writers, April Green, wrote a short poem that really spoke to me.

And the moon looked down at her and said: โ€˜you are too full of everything that makes you whole to ever be loved in halves.โ€™

I sent it to my friend, Sarah Snow,ย who is known for creating visually inspiring videos, each one with a resonating message. She was just as inspired, and we connected with April. Sarah, alongside artist Donna Adi, created a video with a profound message about what itโ€™s like when the person you love doesnโ€™t love you back.

The response to the video, with over 2 million views, clearly shows the number of people who can relate to this message, especially those of us living with a mental illness.

As confident as I may appear to many people, it is difficult to admit that I have always acceptedโ€ฆ

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